Composite decking is a common substitute for the traditional wood material that people use for decking. A lot of people want wood decking. Unfortunately, the price can be extremely high. This is where composite decking comes in. 

You might be wondering if composite decking is worth it when planning out your deck installation. To make things simple, it is worth it. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose this material. This includes durability, strength, versatility, and more.  

Are you planning to install a deck for your property? Before you proceed with hiring deck builders, here are several benefits you should know about composite decking. 


Composite decking materials can benefit the environment because they are long-lasting. There are a couple of ways this material can help the environment. This includes: 

  • Durability 

People won’t throw out the material more often if it lasts long. This lowers the amount of waste on Earth. It can go a long time before you have to replace it since composite decking is extremely durable.  

  • Using Reclaimed Wood 

A lot of manufacturers use malformed or reject wood from other companies. When creating their decking, they do not cut down new trees. They simply reclaim other trees that were rejected by others.  

Mimics Regular Wood 

It is easy for manufacturers to copy the natural appearance of the wood grain. The reason for this is that composite decking is typically made from natural materials. That is why homeowners can still create a durable deck that looks exactly like wood without spending too much money.  

Here are several stains you should consider for your composite decking: 

  • Grey 

While this might not look natural, it is a common stain color for wood.  

  • Red 

Red wood is also an extremely realistic-looking stain for composite decking. It helps your deck to stand out.  

  • Brown 

Brown is perhaps the most common stain for composite decking. This is particularly true if you want to achieve the look of natural wood.  

Little-To-No Maintenance 

For those who don’t know, the material for composite decking is made by combining wood and plastic. Therefore, it is a lot more durable compared to regular wood. Aside from that, it also requires little-to-no maintenance.  

Here are a couple of maintenance tasks that you can avoid with composite decking: 

  • Splinter Control 

Compared to wood decking, plastic wood does not break off. It does not generate splinters. Thus, you won’t have to worry about any injury on you and your loved ones’ feet.  

  • Repainting 

Composite decking usually has its colors embedded. You do not have to varnish or repaint it. All you have to do is to spray down or sweep the area if it becomes dirty. This will help you rejuvenate the original color of the material. 

  • Water Damage 

As mentioned above, composite decking is a combination of plastic and wood. That is why it is more resistant to water compared to regular wood decking. Though you should not allow any liquid to sit on the surface, it will not fall apart or warp easily like wood.  

So, if you’re planning to install a deck for your home, you should consider composite decking.