If you’ve ever turned on your air conditioner only to find that it’s not blowing cold air, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that can be caused by various things, from low Freon levels to dirty coils. But don’t despair – you can do a few things to get your AC unit blowing cold air again in no time.  

First, check if the unit is turned on and set to the correct temperature for heating and cooling. Sometimes people think their AC unit isn’t working because it’s not blowing cold air. Still, it may just be that the unit is turned off or set to a higher temperature than they realize.  

If the unit is on and set to the correct temperature, the next thing to check is the Freon levels. Low Freon levels can cause the air conditioner to blow warm air, so it’s essential to ensure that the unit is charged correctly.  

Another common cause of warm air from an AC unit is dirty coils. The coils of it need to be clean for the unit to work correctly, so if they’re covered in dust or dirt, it can cause the air conditioner to blow warm type of air.  

Unluckily, there are a few things you can do to fix these problems and get your AC unit blowing cold air again. If you suspect low Freon levels, you can contact a professional to have the unit recharged. And if dirty coils are to blame, you can clean them yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. With some troubleshooting ideas, you should be able to get your AC unit blowing cold air again in no time.  

Why does it seem like the cold air is never as strong as it used to be? Well, this one could have something to do with your filter. A dirty filter can block the flow of cold air, making your home feel less comfortable, so if you want to keep the chill at bay, clean or replace your filters regularly. Otherwise, you might just be stuck in a cold front.  

Several potential problems can cause thermostat and cooling switch issues. The most common problem is a dirty or clogged filter. A dirty filter can restrict air flow, causing the unit to work harder and use more energy. It is possible that can also cause the unit to overheat, damaging the compressor. Another potential problem is a faulty cooling switch.   

This switch controls the flow of coolant through the unit. If it is not working correctly, the team cannot properly regulate the temperature. Suppose you suspect your thermostat or cooling switch is not working correctly. In that case, you should contact a qualified HVAC technician for assistance. 

One of the essential parts of keeping your air conditioner running correctly is to clean the coils. Over time, the coils of the AC can become dirty and clogged with dust and dirt, reducing the unit’s efficiency. An excellent way to clean the coils is to use a brush or vacuum attachment to remove any build-up. It would be best and right if you also kept the area around the coils clean and debris-free.